The Pappy and Pearl Hoel statue graces Junction Ave welcoming riders arriving in Sturgis off of Interstate 90.  In 75 years, not one dime of City money was ever invested in thanking or paying tribute to the founders of the Sturgis Rally.  The focus of our City father is how to make money on the great event, with little or no interest in its history and or the people who put Sturgis on the map.  Other prominent citizens who participated in revenue generating projects receive acknowledgement and expensive memorials within two or three years of their passing, not Pappy and Pearl.

The "Welcome to Sturgis" statue was totally funded by Gypsie Vintage Cycle.  The designs were taken from classic photos giving life to a dying tree and immortality to two people long neglected.  Jarrett Dahl, a world class artist from Minnesota was commissioned to create the images.  Trees grow in their own directions and as such, the composition is best viewed coming north on Junction Ave from I-90's exit 32.  It is with great pride, that we share our space with Mr. and Mrs. Hoel and encourage every rider coming to Sturgis to "Tip His Hat" to the Father and Mother of the world's greatest motorcycle event.