New Bikes at Gypsie Vintage Cycle

Gypsie Vintage Cycle is proud to announce it's all new "Street Tracker" design for the 2017 Rally season. Street trackers are nothing new but committing the entire team's Spring production run to Triumphs, BSAs and Yamahas of the 650cc to 750cc variety is new.

The crown jewel of the lot is a 1973 Triumph Bonneville with heads built by Stewart-Haas (formerly Newman Haas as in Paul Newman.) Known for the precision machine tooling and design used in Formula One racing, Stewart-Haas longtime lead machinist Jerry Westhouse put his best foot forward in reworking the head to maximize air flow and enhance combustion efficiency. Coupled to a high compression 750cc motor fed by ancient (but efficient) AMM 689 monobloc carbs. The mid 70's frame choice is a favorite of shop owner and designer Coe D. Meyer. The oil bag is eliminated with the frame serving as the oil reservoir. By removing tabs, brackets and mounting plates, the bike assumes the clean, simple look of a true half miler. "The Wizard" at Gypsie Vintage Cycle is Tom Baillargeon who installed an internal wire loom and "Podtronics Ignition" system, adding further stealth to the design. The stock classic Bonneville gas tank is a tribute to this great English manufacturer. Nineteen inch Italian alloy wheels with old school Goodyear Eagles round out the build and add to the pure half miler appeal. A shout out to Ed and Lori Zender of Morrie's Place for consulting and parts assistance.

Coming up quick on the shop schedule is a 1967 Bonneville that will take on a similar look and appeal using a stock frame and many vintage racing tricks to assume the aura of a one of a kind racer. This Triumph will be a 650cc version with motor built by Randy Baxter of Baxter Cycle. Also on the short list are two mid 1960's BSAs, a Hornet and a Thunderbolt. These bikes are both 650cc and will be molded into the design and character of the "Street Tracker" discipline while paying homage to the classic styling of these mid 60's monsters!


The man who helped take Yamaha into the four stroke world was none other than Mr. Jack Hoel, the son of legendary Sturgis Rally founders Pappy & Pearl Hoel. Jack was in charge of Yamaha's racing program back in the early 1970's and the manufacturer had no four stroke or big bore machines. With Jack's help and design input, the famed XS 650 Yamaha was brought to life. It's weight, performance and agility quickly made it competition for the Triumphs and BSAs of the day. On a performance level, it was head of the class and quickly made its mark in the racing world. Now, forty years later, it is still a dominant machine in half mile racing.

Gypsie Vintage Cycle, in collaboration with Mr. Tim Anderson of Sturgis Vintage Cycle, have joined forces on the first two "Jack Hoel" edition's of this famous 650 Yamaha now built to our "Street Tracker" format and honoring the man who made it happen. The first two bikes are incredible builds with Tim Anderson working magic to squeeze out horsepower and RPMs while remaining true to the Street Tracker styling. Each Jack Hoel edition will have his signature across the tank and will be numbered reflecting the truly unique and limited edition aspect of this world class collectable motorcycle.

It's a busy summer at Gypsie Vintage Cycle with lots of beautifully restored motorcycles of yesteryear available for sale. Remember that motorcycle your Mom wouldn't let you have?...It's time! Gypsie Vintage Cycle is located on Junction Avenue in Sturgis, SD. For more information you can call us...(old style communication) at 605-490-3632. Click here for other contact options!