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Thank you for visiting our website. No trip to Sturgis is complete without a stop by our classic showroom. We inventory as many as 200 classic motorcycles, with thirty or forty restored bikes available for sale at any time. Our mission at Gypsie Vintage Cycle is to support the true History of the Sturgis Rally and Races with focus on the founders and organizations they supported. We are also very proud to work with the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum as they work to preserve the beautiful bikes our Grandfathers rode and to tell the Sturgis Rally story. Sturgis is not very cosmopolitan. It's basically a small ranch town that gives itself to the motorcyclists of the world for two weeks a year. Don't come here looking for a martini bar. Gypsie Vintage Cycle is not a Harley Davidson boutique. We don't sell logo toothbrushes or underwear. What we do is procure, restore and sell the motorcycle you had (or wanted) in school. We specialize in metric Japanese and English motorcycles. No discrimination however, as many fine vintage Harleys and Indians have found their way here.

This shop is now 77 years young with lots of Rallys ahead. Unfortunately, my wife and I need to move along to a place where there's endless summer. Out there somewhere is a person, or persons, who respect this industry and this Rally. Gypsie Vintage Cycle is available to the next generation of vintage bike enthusiast whose charge it will be to preserve the Rally history and start preparing for the 100th....it's only 23 years away! Click here for more information or call 605-490-3632.

New Bikes from Gypsie Vintage Cycle

Gypsie Vintage Cycle is proud to announce it's all new "Street Tracker" design for the 2017 Rally season. Street trackers are nothing new but committing the entire teams Spring production run to Triumphs, BSA's and Yamaha's of the 650cc to 750cc variety is new.

In collaboration with Mr. Tim Anderson of Sturgis Vintage Cycle, we have joined forces on the first two "Jack Hoel" edition's of this famous 650 Yamaha now built to our "Street Tracker" format and honoring the man who made it happen.

For more details, read here.

A Quick Glimpse Inside Gypsie

1972 Honda CL450
A Look Inside the Showroom
1980 Honda XR200
1922 Indian Scout
A Look Inside the Shop
1969 Honda Trail 90
A Look Inside the Lounge
1970 Honda SL175
1994 BMW R1100R
1970 Triumph Daytona 500

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2007 Junction Ave
Sturgis, SD 57785

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